The YMCA of Metropolitan Washington has been providing vital health and wellness programs for local adults, children and families for 160 years. Our deeply-rooted values have served as an anchor for innumerable generations and demographics, ensuring that everyone has the resources to learn, grow, and thrive. Our tenacity in creating a safe and nurturing environment has allowed us to instill hope in those who weren’t given life’s basic necessities, such as love and shelter. Our diverse programs and services help our members grow tall and strong from infancy through seniority. Our operations are always adapting to the needs and well-being of our community, giving us the opportunity to branch out and touch more lives.

Our devoted team of employees and volunteers graciously provide their time and talent day-in and day-out to ensure that we are creating lasting personal and social change for our region. We have ever-growing readiness to address our community’s needs with programs such as Fit & Well Seniors, PHD (Physical, Healthy & Driven), and the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program.